Even then, He provides.

These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind full of the Lord’s grace, love, and confirmed provision. One small step in faith produced such a bigger harvest than even I could have imagined. But that’s God, He wants the best for His children, He wants us to step into our purpose and His design to pursue a life after Him. Through the questioning, the doubt, and the lack of understanding, I took the step to resign from teaching without a plan or next step, other than a heart and bold prayer to stay in Uganda.

And guess what? God provided. He opened doors to new possibilities so quickly that it left me in even more awe of His power and love for me. How can a mighty and all-knowing God love me so? It is a love I will never fully comprehend but will forever be grateful to experience.

Here I was in the middle of Eastern Africa, and three new possibilities with local schools presented themselves. One of which continued to be brought up among conversation with friends, acquaintances and even strangers. A local school was in desperate need of a fourth-grade teacher for the upcoming school year. The school was located in a neighboring District, out at a campus among the sugar cane fields. I kindly declined each time the position was brought up. Yet the narrative continued, people mentioned the campus being gorgeous, to just take a tour, to just go. 

But I had other plans. If I was going to move here to Uganda, I didn’t want to learn a new curriculum, not another new grade. In the past four years of lead teaching, I had made four grade level transitions, I wasn’t about to do it again. So, I poured out my heart to God, not again, not here. I can’t do it Lord. And He whispered, “do you not trust me? Go and I will lead.”

 Reluctantly, I went out to visit, with my expectations low, my head and heart already set of where I would end up. And it wasn’t this fourth-grade position. 

I am so grateful for a Father who knows what is best and gently pushes me towards His will, even when I’m not quite ready to listen. He doesn’t give up; He continues to pursue. He allows me to make up my own mind, only to shatter it into a million of the best new pieces. 

My heart melted the moment we drove up the Good Shepard’s Fold (GSF) gate.

Little boys and girls, all in matching uniforms running and playing in the grass, stopping only momentarily to wave at the new found guest before returning to games. Aunties on front porches sitting with toddlers as they ran up and grabbed my hands to ask who I was. And babies, oh the sweet babies, with their unsteady walk only just discovering the beautiful world around them. 

As I walked the red dirt road between buildings and listened to Lisa and David Fish explain, GSF’s mission, overall ministry, and further dive the teaching position, I could barely listen to the words they were saying. My heart was rejoicing. This was the more. Here in the middle of a sugar cane field, with kids running, the sun setting, and banana trees rustling in the breeze. 

I didn’t tell them then, but in those first few moments, I knew this was where I was meant to be and that God had a plan. As I walked away, we agreed to be in touch and over the next few weeks, through prayer, applications, and guidance, GSF became more and more like it would be an open door. 

These are the little moments that take your breath away.


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