Brownies, Cookies, Fractions, oh my!

As educators, we strive to deliver content in the most engaging ways possible. Lessons that are fun but also have an element of real life that provide purpose to why the information is important.

In class, we’ve been studying fractions the past two weeks. From recognizing the value of fractions by shading pictures, to equivalent fractions, all the way to adding and subtracting fractions. Basically, factions galore!

Then we took that knowledge and put it to use in a “stove off” last week, (a bake off, sans stove). The kids chose groups and without much guidance, developed a recipe. They then set the amounts needed per ingredient (hello, fractions and measurement), and lastly each group officially named their new creations.

After lots of mixing, stirring, laughing, burning, and more laughing, each group had their final products to put on display for the class to taste.

These new creations varied from “MAD Brownie Balls”, to “Extreme Sugar Cookies”, to “A Banana Lava Cake”.

And although the mess was significant – picture batter on the walls, flour on the floors, and dirty bowls EVERYWHERE, it was one of the best days watching these kiddos navigate each surprise challenge that came about and as a team brainstorm new solutions to solve it.

At the end of the day, their new recipe creations were actually good. Like really good. And I was once again reminded of how precious these day to day moments truly are.